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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Random Lengths are in the About Random Lengths brochure, available as a PDF format file (pdf).

The About Random Lengths brochure will introduce you to Random Lengths and answer some basic and frequently asked questions about the company, its staff, its policies, and its approach to reporting prices, market activity, and industry issues.


Random Lengths provides the wood products industry with unbiased, consistent, and timely reports of market activity and prices, related trends, issues, and analyses. The company’s focus has traditionally been on North American markets, but as international trade in wood products has increased, Random Lengths has expanded its coverage to cover prices and developments in overseas supplying regions. The company also strives to deliver information to its customers in a timely and economical manner, utilizing modern technology.

Random Lengths closely guards its independence, so that the full spectrum of its readers knows that the information provided is unbiased and dependable. The company derives more than 98% of its operating revenues from subscriptions and book sales. It does not rely on, nor is it forced or inclined to answer to, advertisers or individual companies paying consulting fees.

Random Lengths is focused solely on providing independent, unbiased reports on market prices, activity, and issues in the industry. No one on the Random Lengths staff is allowed to participate in the wood products markets or the futures market.

Random Lengths also does not forecast prices. The Random Lengths reports provide up-to-date price and market information on activity that has occurred. To accomplish this in an unbiased manner, we cannot have any vested interest in forecasts.

The company has 15 full-time employees. All are at the company’s office in Eugene, Ore. Seven staff members are editors/reporters who cover the many market segments Random Lengths tracks. Jon Anderson, current president and publisher, is the sole owner. He began working for Random Lengths in 1974. The Anderson family has held an ownership position since 1958 and full ownership since the mid-1960s.


How prices are reported by Random Lengths

This page: Top | Introduction | How prices are reported by Random Lengths | Publications and Services | License groups and price

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Random Lengths, including how prices are determined, are in the About Random Lengths brochure, available as a PDF format file (pdf)

How is each reported price in Random Lengths determined?

Ultimately, a price reported by Random Lengths is the careful judgment of the editor responsible. Each editor employs consistent reporting methods and carefully weighs all the information received. While examining the prices reported by the many sources contacted, consideration is also given to volumes sold, quality, tallies, mill location, shipping times, transportation modes, and any other variables that may affect prices.

What does a price published in Random Lengths represent?

A price reported by Random Lengths is a benchmark, or indicator, of the trading level of an item at the time of publication.

Prices reported are judgments of market prices just prior to publication of the weekly report. Each price shown falls within the range of prices reported by those sources contacted.

A reported price is not an average of the prices reported to the Random Lengths staff. It is not the price for the item for the week following publication (that is, it is not a projected price for future transactions). It is not the only price at which transactions took place during the week of publication.

Prices reported in Random Lengths represent transactions between manufacturers and their customers. Most are reported on an “f.o.b. mill” basis, but some prices are reported on a “delivered” basis. These delivered prices are indicated by footnotes in the price guide.

Does the Random Lengths staff use averages, formulas, or correlations to report prices?

No. We do not use averaging (straight or weighted), nor do we use historical correlations to determine reported prices. For example, we do not correlate prices of specified lengths with random loadings. Market forces establish those correlations, but at times relationships between prices can become what might be considered abnormal. If that occurs, Random Lengths does not make a judgment about what is normal or abnormal and adjust a price away from levels reported by sources in the market. Prices and trends that are outside what is considered the norm are left to the market to correct.

We also do not average prices reported to us over the course of a full week. Our goal is to deliver price information that is as current as possible. Therefore, and particularly in a fast-moving market, prices from transactions early in a week may have little or no bearing on what is reported in the full, weekly price guides that are released late in the week.


Publications and Services

This page: Top | Introduction | How prices are reported by Random Lengths | Publications and Services | License groups and price

Over the years, other publications and services have been added to the Random Lengths information services. They include the Yearbook, Random Lengths International, the Midweek Report, The Big Book directory of the industry, and Yardstick. Random Lengths My Print is the most recent addition, and the first web-based product offered.

Random Lengths - The most widely circulated market report in the forest products industry. Each weekly 12-page issue contains pinpointed prices of more than 1,600 items of softwood lumber, panels, and other wood products. Also included are concise, unbiased analyses of trading patterns and reports of important industry trends and events.

Random Lengths My Print | RLMYPRINT.COM - 30-day no-obligation FREE trial available. Create your own on-demand graphs and custom price reports. Select from every price reported by Random Lengths since 1995, and update reports automatically as soon as new prices are released. Easily imported into your presentation or report. Extensive online help. Yearbook-style report available for ALL prices. My Print License groups and pricing available at the bottom of this page

Midweek - An update of key prices reported in Random Lengths, with a brief report on trading activity. Midweek is delivered each Wednesday morning via fax and e-mail.

Electronic Services - Random Lengths, Lumber, Panel, Midweek, RL International, and Yardstick are available to readers as soon as they are released. Subscribers may receive reports via fax or e-mail. Reports via e-mail are available in three file formats: portable document (PDF), spreadsheet, and database.

International - The bi-weekly newsletter on the global markets for wood products. International contains prices and market summaries covering North American lumber and panel items sold in international markets. Statistics from all major supplying and consuming regions in the world are included.

Yardstick - The most complete monthly measure of the wood products industry. 24-pages strong, with key wood products statistics and economic indicators in easy-to-read charts and tables. Allows you to track historical trends with year-to-date and previous-year comparisons.

The Big Book - The directory of the North American wood products industry, listing softwood lumber and panel producers, secondary manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and other companies and associations related to the industry. The easy-to-use guide is organized to give you quick and easy access to the companies and individuals you want to reach and the information you need to know.

The Yearbook - The essential companion for planning and research, The Yearbook provides 11-year price histories for more than 290 key items of lumber, plywood, OSB, particleboard, shingles, and shakes. Five-year graphs allow at-a-glance comparisons of price movement among species and items.

Terms Of The Trade - A comprehensive reference to the language of the forest products industry. More than 10,000 industry terms, including those used in logging, production, trading, and allied fields, are defined and explained. This hardbound book will be a valuable, entertaining, and often-used addition to your office.

Buying & Selling Softwood Lumber & Panels - A must-have for every training program! This book is loaded with useful information about the art of buying and selling lumber and panels. It’s designed for working traders at all levels of the distribution chain – mill salespersons, wholesalers, retail buyers, and support personnel.

WWW.RLPI.COM — Visit our Web site, and sign up for FREE Daily WoodWire E-mail News Alerts to find out when new articles are posted in this popular section. View samples and read about fast, reliable E-mail delivery of Random Lengths publications in PDF format under Internet & Fax Services, then Internet E-mail PDF.

My Print License Groups and Price


This page: Top | Introduction | How prices are reported by Random Lengths | Publications and Services | License groups and price

License Group Minimum
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1 User License 1 $399 $399
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10-24 User License 10 $2,000 $200
25-49 User License 25 $4,375 $175
50+ User License 50 $7,500 $150

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Random Lengths would like to let our My Print subscribers know some information we have recently discovered about how My Print works with iPads and iPhones using iOS, and Android tablets and phones.

When you login to My Print, and begin at the Reports Home page, it appears there are no lists of reports available, unlike how My Print appears on a desktop computer.

The grey bar in the middle of the Reports selection box will display the title of one of your reports.

If you click on the report title inside the grey bar, a drop-down list appears of all of your reports (or in the case of the left side of the screen, RL reports or samples).

Choose the report you want from the drop down list, then continue by selecting the action you want to perform (usually Modify Report or Open Report), and you can continue.

We will be working on changes to allow My Print to work more efficiently with tablets, smartphones and other devices. Thank-you for your patience.

How can I create my own custom description for an item, and define where it will appear on the final report? Instead of using the pre-defined short, medium or long descriptions, you can create your own description. On the Reports Home screen, select Modify Report. On the General Report Settings screen, under Item Description Display Options, make sure the fields where you want your custom description to display (Summary, Legend, or Price Item) are set to Custom Description. Click Continue. Under the Modify Selected Report Tags section, click the Edit button for the item where you want to replace the description with your own. Go to the field Custom Description. The Medium Description for the item has been put in this field to give you a start to create your own description. Change or replace the default description for the item with your own description. Click Update to save your changes. Select Finish & View or Finish & Save. The next time you open and view this report, your custom description will appear to identify the item in the locations you selected.

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